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Join the Illinois Forestry Association and get connected to fellow landowners and resource professionals who care about healthy forests.


Learn how to protect and improve the trees and forests on your property. Leave the land better than you found it through proper management. Backed by trained professionals, we're striving to be your go-to source for information about forest stewardship.


Add your voice to the chorus of people who value Illinois' 4.5 million acres of forests. We are advocates for the policies and programs that landowners need in order to restore and maintain the health and productivity of this vital resource.

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Illinois Forestry Association
P.O. Box 224
Chatham, IL  62629
Dave Gillespie, IFA Secretary
Email: dandgisp@aol.com
Phone:  (217) 494-6982
Stephanie Brown, Exec. Director
Email:  ilforestry@gmail.com
Phone: (618)949-3699 office

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Illinois Forest Landowners

care about
maintaining clean air and water, stopping erosion, storing our carbon, providing lumber for our homes, harvesting renewable energy, enhancing wildlife habitat, preserving native plants, conserving bio-diversity, 
and planting for someone else's future.

Our Illinois Forests provide

recreation             fine hardwoods              edibles                wood products                  beauty                              habitat

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Photos: Banner: David Maehr; Home page: Birdwatcher: Diligent Terrier, Fine Hardwoods: Michael Johnson, Morel & Logs & Showy Orchis: Jerry Misek,
     Deer: Joe Kosack, PGC

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