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Healthy Forests, Today and Tomorrow

IFA Public Policy Statements

General Policy Statements:

  1. IFA supports active forest stewardship.
  2. IFA supports policies and programs beneficial to private forest owners.
  3. IFA supports research and education related to forestry.
  4. IFA supports policies that improve the profitability of the wood products industry in Illinois.
  5. IFA supports partnerships with organizations and agencies that share our policy positions, and it supports respectful dialogue with those that do not.

Federal Policy:

  1. IFA supports increased funding for forestry incentives offered by USDA programs such as EQIP, CSP, and CRP.
  2. IFA supports the various partnerships between federal agencies and the Illinois DNR, which directly or indirectly support forestry in Illinois.
  3. IFA supports USFWS programs that assist private landowners in improving native wildlife habitat.
  4. IFA supports funding for the early detection and control of invasive species.
  5. IFA supports active forest management of national forests, including controlling invasive species, facilitating recreation, and responsibly managing timber resources.

State Policy:

  1. IFA supports retaining the Illinois Forestry Development Act (525ILCS 15) ("Act") as core legislation protecting and improving forest resources in the State of IL.
  2. IFA supports the original intent of the Act, related legislation, and administrative, which establish incentives for private forest owners to develop and implement a DNR-approved Forest Management Plan (FMP).
  3. IFA supports amending the Act and/or administrative rules to reduce administrative time and costs.
  4. IFA supports the convening of a periodic state-wide stakeholder meeting to review and discuss required content of Forest Management Plans and related program requirements.
  5. IFA supports the section of the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/10-150) that provides a lower property tax rate on land managed under a DNR-approved FMP.
  6. IFA supports the Illinois Recreational Access Program, which supports wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities.
  7. IFA supports the development of other programs that would provide technical and/or financial assistance to forest owners who wish to improve wildlife habitat on their land.
  8. IFA supports IDNR's proactive management of deer populations, including additional deer hunting opportunities.
  9. IFA supports requiring IDNR to issue reminder letters to landowners approximately 12 months prior to expiration of FMPs.
  10. IFA supports the Purple Paint Law, which IFA introduced to Illinois legislators in 2018.

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