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Healthy Forests, Today and Tomorrow

Other Critical Issues to Forestry in Illinois

In addition to the issues considered important to the IFA, the
Illinois Forestry Development Council, in cooperation with Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Department of Forestry and the University of Illinois’ Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, has compiled a list of the most critical issues facing Illinois forests and forestry.
  • The Need to Address the Decline of Tree Species Diversity within Illinois Forests (in Particular, the Lack of Oak Regeneration) 
  • The Need for More Science-Based Educational Programs for Illinois Citizens of All Ages about What Constitutes Forest Health and Proper Forest Management Practices
  • The Need to Address Continued Fragmentation of Illinois Forests and Loss of Forests through Permanent Land-Use Conversion
  • The Need to Address the Invasion of Exotic Species (both Plant and Insect) into Native Illinois Forest Landscapes
  • The Need to Make the Illinois Forest Products Industry More Strategic and Adaptive in a Global Marketplace
  • The Need to Increase Numbers of State Forestry Professionals Technical Staff (in Particular, Those Working with the Public) 
  • The Need for Enhanced Protection and Management Illinois Riparian (Streamside) Woodlands and Forests
  • The Need to Develop Additional Markets, New Disposal and Recycling Systems, and Innovative Uses for Urban and Wood-Industry Waste Wood
You can learn more about each of these issues at this Illinois Extension Forestry webpage.

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