Effingham County: Chainsaw Safety Training

  • 02/07/2014
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Kreke Tree Farm
The Illinois Tree Farm Committee has partnered with the Univ. of Illinois Forestry Extension to offer an eight-hour beginning level Chainsaw Safety Training course. This is for Illinois landowners, homeowners, and college students.


To achieve basic competency in the safe operation of chainsaws and to introduce participants to the open-face directional felling method and the 5-step felling plan.

Training Topics:

The following topics will be covered during this 8-hr training course:

  • Safety and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Saw operation, ergonomics, safety features, and safe starting
  • Cutter tooth parts, basic saw maintenance, and chain filing 
  • Saw reactive forces (push, pull, kickback, and attack)
  • Identify hazards encountered during felling operation
  • Introduce participants to basic directional felling techniques (open-faced notch; hinge; bore cutting; wedges; and back cut)

Training Costs and Other Information:

  • $100 - (no refunds for no-shows)
  • Advanced registration and pre-payment is required
  • Registration is limited to 12 participants
  • Participants must be at least 18+ years of age
  • Participants need to bring their own sack lunch
  • Participants are encouraged to supply and wear their own PPE;
    • Instructor will provide at least one extra pair of chainsaw chaps for class use (see required PPE list)
  • Participants will use the instructor's chainsaw
  • All participants are required to sign a University of Illinois waiver of liability no exceptions.
  • Participants must be mentally and physically capable of safely operating mid-range to professional chainsaws in a forested setting on potentially uneven terrain.
  • Training will occur rain or shine; except, in situations of lightening and/or high sustained winds.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required:

  • Heavy-duty work boots
  • Hardhat
  • Safety glasses or shield 
  • Hearing protection
  • Chainsaw chaps*
  • Gloves (leather preferred)

Mail registration to:

Ray Herman, 154 Lake Road, Seymour, IL  61875

Contact Ray Herman at (217) 687-2712 0r (217) 377-7568

make checks payable to Illinois Tree Farm Committee.

Training Location:

Kreke Tree Farm & Sawmill GPS Coordinates: 39.026323,-88.50593
From Effingham & Fayetter Ave, go south on Rt 45 - Turn east (left) at 875
Police Station Rd, go 2 miles to 1600th Street, turn south (right) Address is 7725 N 1600 St, look for the Tree farm signs!

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