Madison County: First Detector Workshop

  • 01/16/2014
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Collinsville

The Illinois First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop covering important landscape and nursery pests, diseases, and invasive plants will be offered in Collinsville from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on January 14, 2014.  The exact location has not been released to the IFA at this time, but more information can be had at 618-344-4230.

The focus of the 2014 workshop will be on potential oak threats in Illinois. Sessions will be devoted to emerging and current oak pests and diseases such as the Oak Splendor Beetle, Goldspotted Oak Borer, Sudden Oak Death, and others.

A session will also be devoted to invasive plants introduced as ornamentals, such as burning bush, Bradford pear, and Japanese barberry. A discussion will be held on the use of alternative, non-invasive ornamentals that could be utilized within the landscape.

"Early detection and response is the key to managing invasive pests, diseases, and plants. The Illinois First Detector Workshops are aimed at improving first detector training and invasive species awareness," said Stephanie Porter, a U of I Plant Clinic diagnostic outreach specialist.

Attendees will take part in hands-on activities to examine these pests and diseases in more detail.

The target audience includes certified arborists, tree care professionals, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, forestry and natural resource professionals, conservationists, and others with an interest in trees.

An application has been made for the following Continuing Education Units (CEUs): IAA Certified Arborists, Continuing Forestry Education Credits, Professional Landcare Network, and Golf Course Superintendent's Association of America.

A $40 non-refundable registration fee covers instruction, on-site lunch, and training materials. Space is limited.

For information or registration: 618-344-4230, or online at

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