Jackson County: Responding to the Unexpected

  • 05/18/2013
  • 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Giant City State Park

Management of wooded acreages is the focus of a new workshop planned for Southern Illinois to be held at Giant City State Park on May 18, 2013.  Illinois has over 3.6 million wooded acres owned by more than 170,000 individual landowners.  Most of these landowners could use more information on better ways to protect the health and quality of their woodsundefinedwhether their woodlot is intended to produce timber to sell, provide wildlife habitat or both.   “Responding to the Unexpected,” a program for rural landowners will present information on how to practice good management in response to such risks as ice storms, tornadoes, high winds, and other events.

Salvage of damaged trees and successful regeneration of desired trees are two of the greatest challenges that woodland owners face.  "No one plans for natural disasters, but these are the forces that shape our forests more than anything else.  Landowners who respond quickly after a disaster strikes will get more benefits from their woods," according to Dr. John Groninger, a forest management professor at Southern Illinois University Department of Forestry.  Dr. Groninger will share his management expertise with landowners who want to be active and effective stewards of their timber resources.

To download the workshop brochure that includes the detailed agenda and a registration form, CLICK HERE.

The workshop is the second “Goods from your Woods” workshop presented by forest management experts from SIUC’s Department of Forestry, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Southeastern Illinois Prescribed Burn Association (SIPBA), the Illinois Forestry Association and the University of Illinois Extension Service.

Responding to the Unexpected begins at 9:30 at the Giant City Lodge.  Preregistration is through the Murphysboro Office of the University of Illinois Extension Service either on their website http://web.extension.illinois.edu/fjprw/ or by phone at 618-687-1727 .  Registration costs are $5 per person and the deadline for registration is May 15.  Participants may elect to join in a family style chicken dinner at the Giant City Lodge Dining Room.  Lunch costs are paid to Giant City Lodge and are not included in registration. 
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