Marketing Hardwood Veneer Logs and Trees

  • 10/22/2015
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Southeast Purdue Ag Center - Jennings County, IN

Purpose:  The highest valued use of our hardwood resource is for fine face veneers, and excellent markets have always existed for "perfect" trees and logs.  However, marketing of "somewhat less than perfect" trees and logs can present a challenge.  The practicing forester may not be exactly sure what a particular veneer buyer can accept, and why log or tree value can vary widely and change weekly.  Furthermore, the markets for the veneer itself change.  To facilitate a better understanding of veneer quality logs and trees, as well as bukcing practices, SEPAC will host professional foresters, consultants and landowners for a one-day program. This is your unique opportunity to listen, observe, and discuss the many aspects of the resource - logs and tree - which sustains this fascinating wood industry.

Audience:  DNR foresters, consultants, landowners

Instructors:  Greg Hartog (Danzer Veneer Americas, Edinburgh, IN) will discuss veneer and log quality.

Registration:  The registration fee is $39, covering the cost of breaks and lunch.  If you pre-register and cannot attend, refunds will be made until October 17th.  Space is limited.

Lodging:  Comfort Inn, North Vernon, IN (812) 352-9999. Mention Purdue University for the rate of $71.99 plus tax.

Safety:  Each attendee assumes responsibility for his/her own safety. Please bring a hard hat, earplugs, safety glasses, and steel toed shoes.  This equipment is required.

8:00am    Meet at SEPAC Center

8:15am    Examination of Sample Veneers - Greg Hartog - At this time the many factors (growth defects and characteristics, site factors, insect and fungal damage, log length, color, mineral stain, log freshness, etc.) which affect the grade and value of veneer logs will be shown in the processed veneer.

10:00 am    Cut log review - Greg Hartog - At SEPAC we will examine several tree length stems of white oak, red oak, walnut and possibly other species to determine veneer potential and proper bucking procedures. Logs will be bucked on site.  This is a mature woods growing on a high quality site.

11:30am    Lunch

12:30pm    Standing Tree Review - Greg Hartog and Don Carlson, Purdue Forester. We will examine various standing trees on this good timber site and cut questionable trees and determine their potential for veneer logs. Proper bucking will be discussed.

2:30pm    New Scanning Technology for the Hardwood Industry - Rado Gazo, Purdue University. A review of new scanning technology which allows you to actually see inside of a log will be demonstrated.  We will be able to examine a scanned and processed log.  The technology to grade veneer and lumber is also available.

3:30    Summary

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Sponsored by the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association, and the Forestry and Natural Resources Department at Purdue University, in cooperation with Indiana DNR Division of Forestry, Indiana SAF, Indiana Association of Consulting Foresters, and the Indiana Forestry and Woodland Owners Association.

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