First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop

  • 02/18/2015
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Macomb - Call 309.756.9978

Early detection and response is key to managing invasive pests. The Illinois First Detector Workshops are aimed at improving first detector training and invasive species awareness. This is the third year the First Detector Workshops will be offered. Once again, new topics on current and emerging invasive plants, pathogens, and insects will be covered. Each location will have sessions covering brown marmorated stink bug, viruses in ornamental plants, invasive plants and their management as well as a session devoted to discussing invasive pest pathways. These in-depth training sessions will cover material that includes: identification/detection, life cycle/biology, hosts, sampling, management, and commonly confused look-a-likes.  Participants will also be given an opportunity to take part in hands-on activities to learn about the topics in more detail.

Registration for First Detector workshops will be handled by each University of Illinois Extension host site. Call 309.756.9978 for more information and to register for the February 18th workshop in Macomb. A $40 registration fee covers instruction, on-site lunch, and training materials. Register early as space is limited. If you do not cancel prior to the workshop, and do not attend, there is no refund.

  9:15–10:00  Managing Invasive Plants on Your Land

10:00–10:15  Break

10:15–11:00  Ornamental Plants and Viruses

11:00–11:45  Invasive Insects Threatening Your Backyard

11:45–12:30  Lunch

12:30–1:00    First Detector Updates/Open Discussion

  1:00–1:45    Safeguarding & Plant Pest Regulation

  1:45–2:00    Break

  2:00–3:00    Hands-On Exercises

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